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Differences in writing vs talking

Last night I was able to attend a meet and greet for Feminist Mormon Housewives, an LDS Feminist blog I follow, and one of the things commented on was how different my talking is from my writing.  It’s certainly not a difference in what I am willing to talk about, I think more in the frequency of my talking.  To people I’ve not yet learned about, I can seem a bit stand-offish.  Online, I don’t often have trouble jumping into a conversation and saying my peace.  I think most people are like that, partially due to the anonymity of the internet.  For me, though, a good part of it is in having the chance to learn about the people and discussions I’m getting into.  In person it takes me time to learn how I fit into conversations with others, so for the start, at least, I can seem a bit untalkative.


So, if you ever have the chance to meet me in person, don’t mind if I don’t talk much – you’ll find I open up more as I also get to know you better.


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