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Bringing out my inner househusband

It’s been no secret to my wife that any time she wants to go back into the workforce (or if she gets her book published and becomes even mildly famous and needs to go on tour), I would be most glad to stay at home, full time, with the kids.  It’s not that I think housework and childcare are easier, but I think I would prefer it to the regular 9-5 (with commute additional) daily grind.  Today she has a writers conference, so I scheduled a day off and get to stay home with the kids while she goes to work.

So, I get to keep three children (3yrs-5mos) entertained, one of them to preschool and back, lunch, general house cleaning, maybe some repairs if I can work it out without having to go to the hardware store, and evidently some light blogging.  One of the things I was also thinking of doing was some (gasp) cooking.  The trouble I have with cooking (and probably food in general) is that I’ve never given much thought to why things taste the way they do.  I mean, I enjoy good food, I just don’t know how to make it.  I can follow a recipe, but never have any idea what to do with ingredients “to taste”.  When I make spaghetti, I tend to just throw in whatever is at hand, vegetables, some tomato paste if it needs thickening, but no spices.  Taste, therefore, tends to be a bit of chance.  Never been bad, but never really what I’d call very good, either.  I want to do -something- to show I can do this, so my wife doesn’t think we’d starve if she had to go to work.  Maybe a try at a few things that would help her with lunch for the kids when it is her day to stay at home again.  Hmm . . . macaroni salad?  Pigs in a blanket?


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