Being guided to where I am now?

This week I’ve started a new job for the Church History Department, working on the library catalog systems.  As I’ve been learning more about the work I will be doing, it caused me to wonder if there wasn’t some hand in building me up to be ready for this position.

  • Five years ago, I worked as Quality Assurance for a law database called CourtLink.  It was the testing side of a process similar to this job; creating import and normalization scripts for importing library information from other libraries into our own database.
  • Four years ago, I moved to Utah (as I needed to be closer to my sons) and got a job with Ancestry.  It was my first experience as a developer, and the work I was doing revolved around tools and processes for data normalization.
  • Six months ago, I got a contract working for the Church, working with the Facilities Management system.  It got me introduced to the culture of working for the Church, and an added toe into being able to get other work within the Church.
  • Now I’m working on the Chuch History Library catalogs (which include a catalog for Family History), building import and normalization scripts to add data to the library database.

Am I just seeing patterns that are not really there, or did I end up on a path that prepared me for this job? The jobs I had before these (in telecommunications and desktop gaming) don’t really seem related, but at those times I wasn’t yet married again, and didn’t really need to provide for anyone but myself (and keep up child support).  Is this just another step leading me to somewhere I can’t see, or is it all a cosmic coincidence?

I don’t know.  I do know, however, that I will do my best to do this job well, no matter where life is taking me.

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  1. #1 by backandthen on 23 December 2011 - 1:02 am

    I have learned that it is not so much what we learn that is important but how He can use what we have acquired. And the more “teachable” and the softer we are in the guidance the easier we make life for Him.
    I believe He expected this task of His to be hard. So whenever we make things easier for Him….I’ll let you conclude the sentence.

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