Defining the uniqueness of men and women

To start, man and woman are not opposites. Man is opposite boy and woman is opposite girl. Most of the attributes of being an adult, of either gender, are in embracing those things we call child-like, which are in opposition of those things we call child-ish.

That being said, what attributes, aside from physical, define a woman and not a man? A man and not a woman? Are there any? Should there be any?

I truly don’t have any answers to this, which is why I’m asking whomever may be stumbling over my blog. I know that gender is eternal, that we were male and female even before we had bodies, and will continue to be in the hereafter. I know of men who have great sensitivty and empathy (which is often atttributed as female) and women who are aggressive and poor listeners (often attributed as male). We have such great variation of personalities, gifts, skills, and learning that it makes it hard to define what makes the genders unique.

Why have gender if there is no difference?

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