Raising the age of adulthood

I’ve read in various talks and articles lately comments about the young adults in this past decade choosing to remain in a teenage/adult limbo state between the ages of 18 and 25. It has always been an interesting thought to me that when people had shorter lifespans, such as in the dark ages and renaissance, the age of adulthood, when it was permissible or expected to be married was much younger than it is now. Romeo and Juliet were 13, after all. In my often random musing, I wondered what the age of adulthood would have been in the generations after Adam, when lifespans were in the 700-900 year range. 50? 70?

So I looked up a couple statistics for the US over the last 100 years or so, showing that we have had some sort of unintentional rise, at least in marriage:
Life expencancy,1900:49 – 2000:77
Age at first marriage, 1900:24 – 2010:27

(It’s not much, but I’m not good (or patient) at research 😉 )

So here’s the theoretical question to throw out to y’all –

Should the political/cultural age of adulthood be raised to 25?

Others –

How would this affect rites of passage in the culture and in the church (e.g. voting, drinking, marriage, college, YM/YW, priesthood, missionaries, primary)?

Would this lead to stronger or more scattered/rebellious families?

How could this change even be accomplished without widespread riots/protesting?

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