Milk before meat

(was a comment to another post on Keepapitchinin, and I thought I’d post it here as well)

Try as they might, the people at Church correlation will never satisfy the spiritual appetites of its members by feeding them only stale bread and tepid water.

I’ve heard this kind of reasoning as the “milk before meat” argument, being that if you give a child only milk, it will get malnourished and die. Some think that the conference talks are always about the same things, that we’ve not had new doctrine in over 100 years, and that every “revelation” in the last 150 years has been due to political pressures.

To me, this is like someone demanding to know how to travel to the moon while in practice they occasionally (or often) add 3 and 3 and get 5. If someone tries to correct us, we only complain that we’re hearing the same we’ve heard before.

If we, as a people, did better at the things we are being taught in our meetings and conferences, there would be floods of new things revealed, much of which would likely challenge things we have reasoned out on our own.

That is the reason that personal revelation is so important, as well as why we are counselled to keep revelations, dreams, angelic ministrations, very personal or only shared with a few close friends or family; we are each taught by the Spirit at the level we can handle. You can’t conclude that if you haven’t been taught what you believe others have been given means that you are not worthy or what others have learned are not true. Intelligence is not building a tower, it is building a mountain. If we get a teaspoon or a truck full of knowledge, it may not be the same part given to someone else.

The best discussions about doctrines, including underground/alternative docrines are those that open you up to think more about what you believe, and ultimately open you up to be taught by the Spirit, who is the best teacher of all.


  1. #1 by Gwennaëlle on 19 August 2011 - 1:32 pm

    Absolutely. and the problem I hear and see around here where I live is that people tend to forget personal revelation and dwell only on GC. they’re afraid of personal revelation other than something that would absolutely testify what a Ga has just said. The problem is that very often this GA will have said something that another one will have said two years previously.
    Soooooooooooo? How to know what is right?
    I know it is evil but I love to show people how they contradict themselves. Sometimes within the same talk of theirs. Lately (last sunday) a sister gave a talk and to support her point that was absolutely wrong she used a scripture that absolutely contradicted her point.
    Anyway I am getting a little carried away on the subject because what I really want to say is that the restored gospel gives us the keys and tools to know the truth and learn and grow for/by ourselves and it is close to blasphemy in my opinion not to use it over and over and over and over and…(should I go on?)

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